• Vision

    build an OTC capital market that serves the real economy and connects firms and capital and create a new financial ecology where the natural order prevails and different interests coexist in harmony.

  • Basic principles

    do not copy the exchange model; do not cross the red line; do not shift risks to society.

  • Values

    gather under the Chinese parasol tree and return to the spirit of the Chinese parasol tree - modern exchanges are too focused on trading and on derivatives and are drifting further and further away from the real economy. The exchange advocates the "spirit of the Chinese parasol tree" in an effort to return to the origin of the market and follow the inherent spirit of the market.

  • Positioning

    create a new market-oriented financing platform which is independent of exchanges and commercial banks; build an "open, interactive, reciprocal and win-win" "online tribe" for investors and firms.

Sending out of the management model

  • Xiamen Cross-Strait Equity Exchange

    The Xiamen Cross-Strait Equity Exchange is a regional equity market which serves micro, small & medium enterprises in the Western Taiwan Straits Economic Zone. It is an important part of the multi-level capital market system and an important component of the cross-strait regional financial system. The exchange was established with a registered capital of 90 million yuan upon approval by the Xiamen Municipal Government at the end of 2013. It is the only regional equity market operator in Xiamen and a platform for the comprehensive application of the Xiamen Municipal Government's policies and measures for supporting micro, small & medium enterprises.

  • Jiangxi Joint Equity Exchange

    Jiangxi Joint Equity Exchange Co., Ltd. is the only regional equity market operator in the province and was incorporated in July 2015 upon approval by the Jiangxi Provincial People's Government. Upholding the objective of "serving micro, small & medium enterprises", adhering to the idea of "open and pragmatic", in accordance with the general requirements for "entrepreneurship and innovation" and on the basis of traditional finance, it has opened up another new financing channel in Jiangxi to play its due role in boosting the social and economic development of Jiangxi.

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