Create a listing-for-display system adapted to the development of small and medium-sized enterprises to form a new ecosystem.


By being listed on the Qianhai Equity Exchange, small and medium-sized enterprises are able to go from the physical world to the virtual world to break free of temporal and spatial constraints and show off their real highlights through online simulation to get more attention

By providing a sound display system, the Qianhai Equity Exchange helps listed firms highlight their own core competitiveness and market prospects to enhance their images.

market prospect Competitive focus 形象 优势

Plaque-awarding ceremony

A plaque-awarding ceremony is a celebration ceremony the Qianhai Equity Exchange holds for firms listed for display. At the ceremony, entrepreneurs strike gongs and swear an oath in unison on the stage and photography, videography and other special services are provided to celebrate the commencement of firms' capital journey. Ceremonies are held from time to time in accordance with the principle of "voluntariness on the part of firms and collective plaque awarding".