A system that meets the development needs of firms at different stages from inception to exchange listing.

Firm creation

develop customized plans for applying to various departments of Shenzhen municipality for subsidies according to the needs of firms, carry out training and consulting on equity structure design and customized design for firms in a professional and scientific manner and finally deliver an equity design plan.

Commercial services

According to the actual business needs of entrepreneurs, provide firms with consulting and processing services in incorporation, change, cancellation of registration and other commercial matters.

Registration and trusteeship

register and hold equities for firms to help firms increase the liquidity of their equities, assist firms in reorganizing their assets and optimizing the allocation of their resources and ensure that the legitimate rights and interests of shareholders are protected.

OTC investment banking

provide a range of in-depth investment banking services for firms, including financial standardization, legal framework design and optimization, equity incentive design, equity and debt financing design, resource exchange and sharing, investment, mergers and acquisitions, etc.

Mergers & Acquisitions and Reorganizations

provide a package of solutions including strategic analysis, buyout funds, private placement, debt financing, cash management and financial consulting; provide capital that comes with all kinds of resources and is capable of thinking to enable excellent firms to create greater value for society!