Capital Operation System

For investing enterprises, QHEE and its associated companies will provide a series of capital operation services.Including establishing industrial funds, financing for listed companies and their industrial funds, providing strategic management consulting, conducting market value management, obtaining government support and so on.

Search information precisely
information structuralization
Financial Due Diligence
Legal Due Diligence
Business Due Diligence
Technical Due Diligence
set up SPV companies
get qualifications to close the deal


One-Stop Service System

For financing companies, QHEE and its associate companies provide "one-stop service", including all the financing-related services in China.For example, establishing a Chinese subsidiary and providing it with legal services, accounting services, taxation services, translation Services, recruitment services and so on.

Layered information disclosure
push Information accurately
Buyer Investigation
Legal Advisor
Corporate package
Financial Advisor
Complete legal procedure
confirmation of the transfer of fund
Listing and Displaying
The international board provides a sound layered information disclosure system and accurate demand matching system to promote efficient exchange of investment and financing information.
Communication and Negotiation
QHEE and its associate companies provide professional services for both investors and investees in the process of communication and negotiation.
Close the Deal
According to the wishes of both parties and actual condition, QHEE and its associate companies will design transaction and tax avoidance structure and provide other services to close the deal.